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Volume 40, 1&2 Spring/Summer 2009



School Board Ethics and Effectiveness

Abe Feuerstein

Effective Charter Schools and Charter School Systems

Stephen B. Lawton

Struggling Readers in Urban High Schools: Evaluating the Impact of Professional Development in Literacy

Marco A. Muñoz

Thomas R. Guskey

Jennifer R. Aberli

The Co-Principalship: An Alternative to the Traditional Principalship

Ellen W. Eckman

Sheryl T. Kelber

Educational Planning: Implications of the 2008 Revised Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium Standards for School Leaders

Ronald A. Lindahl

Robert H. Beach

Illinois Post-Secondary Transfer Students: Experiences in Navigating the Higher Education Transfer System

Lisa Hood

Erika Hunt

Lynne M. Haeffele


Volume 40, 3&4 Fall/Winter 2009



Supplemental Educational Services as a Component of No Child Left Behind: A Mixed Method Analysis of its Impact on Student Achievement

Marco A. Muñoz

Steven M. Ross

Laura L. Neergaard

What Difference Does an Hour Make? Examining the Effects of an After School Program

Raquel L. Farmer-Hinton

Daniel A. Sass

Mark Schroeder

Engaging the Potential High School Dropout: An Integrated Theory for Policy and Practice in Secondary Education

Dannielle Joy Davis

Ginger Cole-Leffel

An Examination of a State-Level Mathematics Test: What Type of Learning Does the Mathematics Measure?

Jesse L. M. Wilkins

Brett D. Jones

Collaborative Education Leadership in Times of Education Renewal: What Every New Teacher Should Know

Frank E. Padilla

Facilitating Change Through Integrated Strategic Planning

Jerrid P. Freeman

David M. Wilmes

Beyond External Control: Internalization of Prosocial Values as Important in Preventing Bullying at School

Guy Roth

Uri Bibi