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Volume 35, 3&4 Fall/Winter 2005



What's in a Name: Issues of Race, Gender, Culture, and Power in the Naming of Public School Buildings in Kansas City, Missouri 1940–1995 Peter W. Moran
The Luckiest Little High School: The Possibilities and Pangs of Community Democracy Dorinne Dorfman
Learning From Success: A Leverage for Transforming Schools Into Learning Communities

Chen Schechter,

Israel Sykes,

Jona Rosenfeld

Improving Florida's Test-Based Accountability System: Suggestions From Elementary School Administrators

Brett D. Jones,

Robert J. Egley

Teachers Planning and Implementing ICT-Based Practices

Dorit Tubin,

Sisi Edri

Does Gender Make a Difference? Voices of Male and Female High School Principals Ellen W. Eckman
School District-University Partnerships: Graduate Student Perceptions of the Strengths and Weaknesses of a Reformed Leadership Development Program

Kathryn S. Whitaker, Richard King Linda,

R. Vogel

Student Learning Portfolios: How They Are Being Implemented in Educational Administration Preparation Programs M. Scott Norton

Volume 35, 1&2 Spring/Summer 2004



Identifying the Knowledge Base for School Improvement

Robert H. Beach,

Ron Lindahl

Politics and Paradox: The Case of an Urban Alternative School

Marilyn Tallerico,

Joan N. Burstyn

The Arrival of a New Woman Principal and Teachers' Self-Renewal: Reflections From Life Stories of Mid-Career Teachers Izhar Oplatka
Moving District Reform Into Schools: Links Between Teachers' Perceptions of District-Wide Reform Efforts, Participation in Professional Activities, and Student Achievement

Caitlin Scott,

Joshua G. Bagaka's

Recruiting Certified Personnel to be Principals: A Statewide Assessment of Potential Job Applicants

Paul A. Winter,

James S. Rinehart,

John L. Keedy,

Lars G. Björk

Superintendent Perceptions of Motivators and Inhibitors for the Superintendency Sandra Harris,
Sandra Lowery,
Michael Hopson,
Russell Marshall